High thermal performance

Maximum comfort
and cost savings

Thermal bridging and insulation values are key considerations when it comes to the performance of window joinery. SEDA addresses all aspects of the equation with its low thermal conductivity hardwood frames, low air leakage design, and double or triple glazing. When compared with standard aluminium systems, SEDA windows and doors have virtually no condensation, other than natural condensation from household sources such as cooking.



The strength

We use only naturally durable hardwoods in our products. Sourced from sustainably managed forests, our timbers do not require chemical treatment to reach durability standards like softwoods do. This makes interiors healthier, and creates stronger frames that handle the hard knocks of daily use and keep looking good. Premium timber joinery stays stable and straight and, with just a little care every four to five years, it will perform like new for many decades.



The beauty and
warmth of timber

The tactile beauty of premium hardwood joinery adds true quality and character to your home. Each piece of timber is carefully selected, then precisely machined and laminated into three layers for added strength. Traditional double mortise and tenon corner joints create strong, stable frames with an elegant handcrafted detail; and the application of natural stains and oils to the finished product enhances the luxurious, warm and silky feel that only timber can provide.


Secure and easy to use

metal hardware

SEDA windows and doors feature a sophisticated European hardware system. Discreet security mechanisms, innovative functionality and a floating, almost silent action all combine to make operation easy, efficient, secure and enjoyable. Even our largest sliding doors are easy and intuitive to use for children as well as adults, with the doors automatically locking at multiple points as you turn the handle into the closed position.


Our guarantee

High technical

Tested to the latest NZS 4211:2008 standard, our window systems complied with the highest wind zone requirements, sailing through the tests with no adjustments required to any design or manufacturing details. Their high technical performance also means they have up to 10 times less air leakage compared to typical aluminium designs, making them an ideal choice for Passive House designs.


Added value

installation service

While our products are carefully and precisely made under factory conditions, what really matters is how they perform when installed. Our professional installation team ensures they perform in your building, and your builder will appreciate our efficient and knowledgeable service when required.