Innovation for
Passive House Windows


smartwin has been designed as a passive house window of class phA at an affordable price. The aim was to combine an intelligent network (smart), attractive design (art) and energy saving window (win) into one unit. A world wide co-operation of specalist manufacturers share a passion for high performance windows. Strong association and focused consolidation of knowledge in this community of craftsmen are a powerful driver for development of future technology. In each country, local manufacturing backed up by personal service long after installation sets smartwin apart.



smartwin compact Passive House certified to phA


Best life cycle value

Maximum thermal

The optimal use of wood, aluminium, glass and insulation materials result in a high-quality product, which can be used in any building. Thanks to the highly optimised design, proven by PHI certification, you use much less energy. And you can rely on the declared class leading properties. So it is not surprising that smartwin compact was awarded 1st prize by the Passive House Institute in 2014 in the category of ‘alu clad timber’ window.


Leading design

First PHI certified
sliding door

Passive house in connection with a sliding door was for a long time a no-go. All sliding doors before smartwin sliding failed to meet the high requirements for insulation quality of the frame and air tightness. Who wants a sliding door with uncomfortable, costly drafts? Visually, its design matches the proportions of the smartwin window. smartwin sliding door achieved the certification in energy efficiency class phA by the Passive House Institute!


smartwin entry door


Form & function

smartwin Entrance

Entrance doors compatible with the passive house requirements were a challenge in the early years of passive house construction. Today, fortunately for the end user, there are a number of certified products. So, why smartwin entrance? The high aesthetic requirements that smartwin-partners place on their products did not stop at the doorstep. The result is the highly appreciated smartwin aesthetics, combined with previously unattained functional values. An Ud-value of the installed door of 0.52 W/mÇK (with required 0.85 W/mÇK) and an inner surface temperature at the coldest point of the doorstep threshold of more than 12.6°C saves money and increase cosyness for customers. An attractive appearance with a warm wooden surface inside and the maintenance-free aluminum surface on the outside.